Sunday, June 17, 2012

Of all the father's in the world...

Of all the amazing dad's in the world, I think I lucked out to have the best. Yes, I think a lot of the women in the world would say their dad made a priceless impact on them and as I get older, I realize that the way I live my life today, all grown up and stuff, has a lot to do with my dad.

Throughout my life, my dad has been a world traveler. His work as an engineer has brought him to some obscure places and I believe 6 of the 7 continents. Fearless is the word that comes to mind. Looking back on it, he exhibited traits of a Marvel Comic superhero-work and fly in planes by day and still show up and be  the most amazing dad ever; hiking trips on the weekends, building our deck, pulling Christmas boxes down from the attic, carpooling my brother and I to endless athletic practices.

My dad is a gem. A one of a kind. I am so beyond grateful for the relationship we have and continue to share. I know I can always call him up and vent to him about anything, get advice on home improvement projects, or just ponder the world.

Happy Father's Day Dad! May you be safe wherever your travels take you and know I will always love you.


Rosaria said...

Yes, I think we all lucked out with this guy. He is the best!

Sam said...

Great post Jen...he really is a great guy :) I miss y'all!