Tuesday, June 26, 2012

what the snail taught me

Today, I walked to Subway to grab lunch. It was cool, a bit crisp and on the damp side of course. The sky has been grey here in Seattle and it doesn't quite feel like summer yet. I smile when the small bits of sunshine peek through the clouds and fight their way to the people on the streets. On my walk, I decided to call my mom since she is on summer break. As a teacher, she gets to determine the course of her days. She picked up and was telling me how productive she has been, how she is getting back to yoga, kayaking with my dad, and enjoying her patio. I was immediately jealous. Then I looked down at the sidewalk and saw this snail just working it's way along from sidewalk to bushes. Oh so slowly. I watched the movement and was amazed at the slow yet steady pace. Lately, I have been feeling quite snail like.

I first want to acknowledge the fact that there have been lots of changes this year for me. I have been in my new position now for almost 3 months and have been giving my brain a workout with learning new systems, meeting new people, and adopting a new routine. I have had some major shifts in my financial health & well-being. It has been a long journey, but I am finally feeling like I am gaining much needed traction and control. Livelihood and financial sustainability are so interconnected and they must coexist in bliss. :)

The snail feeling I have relates to my physical well-being. Yes, I am doing yoga still but my eating and regular trips to the Gym aren't where I would like them to be. I also struggle with a daily routine and wish I could write and meditate more. One thing that has been a constant project for me is my self-care, personal transformation and my learning to rest and be in the moment. I have a tendency to push myself to the limit, leaving very little energy reserves in the tank. I have been much better about this but I still have to work on realistic expectations and my boundaries.

The thing about the snail is it not only arrived at it's destination of the grass, but it kept moving at that slow and steady pace. A great lesson to always embrace; we are always moving and life is in constant process.

Enjoy the journey!

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