Sunday, September 16, 2012

getting back in the saddle

Oh September. One of my all time favorite months. Not only does the weather hold it's warm days and cool nights, but everything feels fresh and new. The yellow school buses start rolling through the streets, the feel of brand new denim on the skin reminds us of school days past and who doesn't go out and get some crisp, clean notebooks and fun pens? Soups replace dining al fresco, and leather boots cover callused Chaco toes. 

I have had one AMAZING summer. It has been so full of travel, love, friendship, and trying new things. It has been chock full of adventure: a trip to Maine, Colorado, camping on Whidbey Island, and guests in town, bringing me out to hike, swim, eat, and shop. I have been so incredibly busy with wrapping up the summer, that I am finally feeling somewhat grounded in what fall is about to bring even 15 days into September. 

For instance, I am really taking on living in the possibility of health & wellness this fall including being more active and hitting the gym. Not only do I feel stronger, but I show up better in all areas of my life because I am managing that funky little bug called stress. 

Also, I am rededicating myself to my writing practice. This summer, I have taken to my journal and have traveled anywhere and everywhere with it, filling the pages with my Pilot G2 Fine Ink Black Pens. So many insights about where I want to be have shown up in my journaling this summer and it has been so nice to use it as a processing tool. This fall is all about getting back to my blog again.

My overall BIG themes for the fall include:
Nurture, Nourish, and Flourish
Remembering to take care of myself and practice extraordinary self-care. Nurture my talents and passions each and every day. Be careful of not drowning in my to do lists. Nourishing and taking care of all my relationships.
Try New Things
I took a Learn to Knit Class this weekend and loved it. I am going to use my African Drumming gift certificate here in the upcoming weeks as well as get a haircut and revive some of my wardrobe for fall.
Just Do IT
This fall is all about ACTION for me. Taking action in all areas of my life and not succumbing to procrastination. It's so hard, especially when that rain starts to fall and all I want to do is eat crusty bread and chowder and curl up in my sweats. Well, not this fall. I am taking the actions necessary so I can reap the rewards down the road. Think: Financial Planning, taking stock of long term goals, packing my lunches the night before, and getting up at the same time everyday.

My hope is that this fall will allow everyone including myself to get back to basics and get in touch with the foundations that make our lives worth living. 

Happy Fall!


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