Monday, October 29, 2012

what my root canal taught me

Smile Mouth Teeth Clip ArtSo I underwent my first root canal this morning...what a wonderful way to start the week. As I sat back in the chair and anticipated the worst, what happened was pretty magical. The music from my iPod pumped into my ears and the drilling, poking, and prodding never made me flinch. The whole thing about a root canal is removing the decay and also to make room for a "new" tooth of sorts.

Usually, my blog posts come from a place of life metaphors and this moment was no different than the rest.

It's all about restoration and building up, from death and decay.


To be totally blunt, 2012 has been a year of change, transition, death, dying, and loss. It has proven to be a year of tragedy but at the same time growth, blooming, and celebration of new opportunity. How can we live in both of these worlds at the same time?

Throughout this crazy year, I have come to the realization there are no guarantees. Just like the dentist-you go in, you hope you get a clean bill of healthy teeth, and you walk out with your 6 month appointment card in hand. But, sometimes, you get bad news: fillings, or in my case, a friggin root canal. But, what remains true is that you simply acknowledge what is and adjust. Whether it's your business, your job, your relationship, you adjust and do what you have to do to keep on living that oh so blissful life you lead.

Needless to say, I took the day off from work, caught up on some stupid TV, and ate a sleeve of thin mints and homemade pizza. I'm ready to get back to work after being out of the office last week for a conference and then mourning the loss of our pup this weekend. It's been up and down but I feel as though I am moving forward with excitement and ease.

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Reginald Cooper said...

Very well said, Jen! There are ways to get better in life, and two are to step back and adjust with the reality. If you want to enjoy healthy pearly whites the rest of your life, sacrifice those six months and follow what your dentist instructed you. Citing this as an example is a good way to make a point. =D

Reginald Cooper