Monday, November 12, 2012

putting it to bed

Pulling, digging, thrashing around. It's that time of year when we start to put our gardens to bed. We have been out in the dirt on the weekends, digging, composting, pruning back, and peeling away the dead layers. Working in the garden this time of year is one of my favorite ways to be in tune with the season. It's nourishing in the sense because I feel really connected to the change in the seasons. No matter what has happened in the spring and summer, the fruits of my labor fade away in a good way. There remains a different feel for it all and I love it.

In the process of my gardening, a lot of emotion came up. The year is almost drawing to a close and we will put things to rest. Maybe like me, you will look back and reflect on what worked/what didn't work, what was amazing, who you are grateful for, and more. For me, it feels ironic that the last 2 months of the year are the busiest after 10 months of pushing through. They should be warm, restful, cozy as opposed to frenetic, maddening, overwhelming.  So, what can we do about it?

Put things to bed.

This year has been a ebb and flow of ups and downs, mountains a valleys. I have experienced quite a bit of loss which has taken its toll emotionally yet there have been so many highlights: traveling, a new job & promotion, getting back into my yoga more than ever, enjoying my relationship, defining my core values, and finally feeling settled. I want to relish in the good of this year even in the midst of acknowledging the not so good. But my overall commitment in wrapping up the year is that I can let what hasn't happened go. I can put things to rest that are sucking my energy and time. I can laugh instead of fret. I can choose.

This time of year pushes us to the limits. I am loving lazy Friday and Saturday nights, staying in versus going out and being picky about what really matters. I am being gently with myself and my body as I know my personal tendencies to wrap myself up in chaos and overcommitment.

Let us take a moment to just pause...even for 5 minutes and enjoy the fruits of this year. Let us make the intention to put certain things to bed and smile as we tuck them in and say goodbye.

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