Thursday, December 27, 2012

and so it is...

For most of my adult life, I have traveled home for the holidays. There is nothing quite like a New England Christmas; the snow, the cold, real Christmas trees, egg nog, lots of laughter, fires in the fireplace, game nights, living in pajamas, and just all around smiles. This year was no different as I made the trek from the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast. Coming home is something special. I love the downtime, the quiet, the laziness. I love the time I get away from my "normal life." It's so restorative.

These past few days, I have been engaging in a process of designing, planning, and scheming my 2013. I went through the Holiday Council (by Stratejoy) and it has been one of the most beneficial processes I have ever been a part of. It's quite a lot of work; debriefing 2012 in lots of different ways-what went well, what was challenging, what were the gaps, the disappointments, the joys, the smiles, the relationships, what did I let go of, what did I hold on to.

2012 was rough. It was an emotional roller-coaster of ups and downs, losses, and gains. There were so many highlights and some disappointments too. Death. loss, grieving, upset affected a lot of my energy. Although true, I just had so much gratitude for all the support systems and amazing self-care I got to engage in. I was lucky to have coast to coast support when things were not going so hot. I also found my calling in a wonderful non-profit doing amazing work with small businesses. My yoga mat was used, my writing expanded, and my love grew for my partner.

The next part of the process that I currently wrapped up this morning over an egg nog/coffee was starting the planning & scheming process of 2013. The first part of this was creating a theme for 2013 and also looking at my future self at the end of the year through a visualization exercise. I am happy to say that my theme for this upcoming year really lights me up all over: BLISSFUL VELOCITY. Every time I say it, I literally get goosebumps. I also defined my values for this year: Balance, Love, Integrity, Self-Care, Spirituality. (BLISS)

And so in the next few days as I wrap up 2012 and embark into 2013 with clear plans, goals, and knowing exactly how I want to feel, I am grounded in how blessed I am with my life and everything that makes it up, even the mundane parts. Ha!

May you take some time with your coffee or red wine, a scone or a piece of chocolate and start your scheming & designing of your new year. Cheers!