Sunday, January 6, 2013

bring on a revolution

.Like most people, I am using January 2013 as a month of fresh starts, new habits, and resolutions. Part of my motivation for this "fresh start" is having a deep desire to move my life forward at a high velocity since I am at a place of stability: relationship, work, income. Think about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs pyramid: when we have some basic stuff in place, we are able to achieve a higher sense of self, including introspection, goal setting, relationships of depth and understanding, etc.

So, one of my areas for increasing my personal capacity (spiritually evolved living) is to integrate spiritually evolved habits into my daily life. A few of my foundational habits include:

I am writing about these habits because I am noticing in my first 6 days of implementation that a personal revolution is starting to brew deep inside of me at the core of my being. How exciting, eh? Yep. 6 days. That simple. What's taking place? 

Well, for starters, I am feeling like I have balance in my life for the first time in a long time. Part of this is looking back on 2012 and seeing the huge amounts of transition that took place. I also know my personal tendency to throw myself into something new at 200%, causing burnout and resentment down the road. This habit implementation is different. I am approaching it as a way of life not a get fixed quick solution. The 4 habits above are things I know make a difference in my own life so that is where I am starting. There is something magical about unrolling my yoga mat on a daily basis or plopping down on my meditation cushion , lighting a candle, and closing my eyes and then tuning in. These two ways of life are creating subtle shifts: I'm sleeping better, have more energy, and am noticing a tendency to think more positively and deal with change and upset a little more compassionately.

May the revolution continue on...

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