Monday, January 14, 2013

monday living comforts: warmth

The days are quite cold up here in the Pacific Northwest so I thought it might be fitting to feature some of my favorite living comforts that keep me cuddly, cozy, and oh so warm. There is something so fresh about wintertime though...scraping the windshield on a Sunday morning before a yoga class while there is silence all around, the feeling of taking a brisk walk around the lake with a friend and about 3/4 of the way around, your breath is traveling the full journey, stomach to mouth, and then there is the sipping of hot tea while the car is still warming up. 

I heart winter.

Monday Living Comforts: Warmth
-Blankets...need I say more?
-Lemon tea, hot tea, lemon wedges in get the point.
-Smartwool socks...any kind, any time.
-A winter walk...even in the rain. the morning, at night, to sleep in, to work in. 

can't have too many ~ DanielleLemon Zinger® Herbal Tea (I love this stuff!)SmartWool Margarita Womens Socks « Shoe Adds for your Closet
"Winter Walk  Seattle city scenes, oil cityscape" by Robin Weiss       Hot drinks and cozy sweaters

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