Monday, January 7, 2013

monday living comforts

This is my first full week back at work since December 21st. During my vacation in Maine and a few days off here in Seattle, I really tuned in to how AMAZING it feels to really enjoy vacation, including all the little things: staying in my yoga pants, extremely long bubble baths, unlimited cuddle time with my book, journal and knitting, a few movies, walks, laughter, know what I'm talking about.

While in Maine, I got thinking about Guilty Pleasures. Those things in life that are a bit bad for you (and you know it) yet, make you feel oh so good all over. As I was thinking about possibly putting together a Guilty Pleasures post, I second guessed myself and  ended up at a place of removing the entire guilt thing period. Why feel guilty about the good stuff?

So, this is my little twist on it: Living Comforts; the things that just make life a bit more comfortable and pleasurable. I'll be trying to do a Living Comforts post weekly on Mondays because Mondays shouldn't be dreadful-they should be breaths of fresh air coming off the weekend of amazingness. This also ties in with my habit of gratitude. There is only room to be extremely grateful for all the comforts I do enjoy on a daily basis.

Living Comforts
Fresh Guacamole & Homemade Corn Chips
Leggings & Boots
leggings leg warmers boots :-)
Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive
Google Logo screenshot #1
Pilot G-2 Pens (black)
Pilot G2 - best pen ever. No kidding, I think I have this in every single color.
Memory Foam Pillows
Nature's Sleep Visco Memory Contour Pillow
My Yoga Practice

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