Thursday, June 6, 2013


So here I am, writing again, actually, doing lots of things again hence the title of my post, 'resurrection.' I really have to tone down my own excitement as I think about these past few months, mostly, what 2013 has provided thus far. So hard to believe it is almost June but exciting at the same time. I enjoyed an AMAZING birthday, full of treats and great experiences, and a Funfetti Cake & pasta maker. Ha! I am a lucky lady.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I had a chance to dive into a transformational experience. It rained all weekend so I attacked some spaces in the house that have been eating away at my sanity (closet, junk drawer, nightstand, and writing nook). I 100% believe that clutter clogs us up-it's one of those things that can really put a damper on our lives. What really comes out of the whole thing is our relationship to our stuff. Old stuff, new stuff, useful stuff, trinkets, pictures, articles, magazines, books, stocking stuffers, pens, notepads...on and on it goes.

I just finished reading Gretchen Rubin's second book, Happiness at Home which was truly quite wonderful. Every time I have a birthday, I have a tendency to dive into deep reflection on life lessons learned and as I was clearing out, stuffed in the back of a dusty bookshelf, I found some old journals. Of course, I opened them and started reading and immediately started shaking my head as laughter escaped me. Yes, there were some parts that were truly naive and ignorant but there remained the glimmer of my truest self, chronicling stories of bliss and how I was going to find my dream job where I can balance my spirituality and have a loving partnership. Boom! I have THAT right NOW.

I think we sometimes put things on the shelf and move forward without looking back, whether it is a relationship, a job, or a hobby. Some may say it's not that we completely want to move on and forget it, it's just that other aspects of life suck us up. I tend to think that we put things on the shelf so we can come back to them, picking them up with our hands and enjoying them when we have the SPACE to enjoy them for what they are, even the tough memories or events.

Over and over again, I hear people describe their twenties as a time of self-discovery. It's true. You embark on what some may call the hero's journey, leaving the nest, exploring, going into the world, encountering those moments that beat you down, and then emerging as a new being. I can't say that I have a huge life lesson from my twenties, rather, I have so many micro-lessons and experiences that have carved out my truest self.

So as I resurrect memories, journals, old photos, I can truly see that yes, in some ways I have changed a lot but for the most part, my spirit and values have remained in tact and if I go forward with those, that's all that truly matters.

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