Saturday, August 10, 2013

on cherishing, fish, and mega growth

Oh my. Where to start? Well, I am finding that sitting in bed with the laptop is wayyyy more comfortable than the desk chair in the nook. I am sitting fat & happy after a delicious meal on the deck of Ray's Boathouse in Seattle down on the Puget Sound. Good wine, lots of laughter, and yummy plates of food. The Man and I just wrapped up Season 7 of Dexter (a very dark series that for some reason hooks you in), and I am really, really, enjoying these sweet moments of summer. The word that comes to mind is cherish.

In my yoga classes, one of my teachers is working with us through this book called "What Happy People Know." It's on my wish list to add to my bibles of life. One of the first tools that is talked about in the book is appreciation and how it is indeed the antidote of fear. Appreciation stems from a deep place of love and we can't experience love and true fear at the same time. Today in class, we embarked on an "Appreciation Audit," a simple sitting meditation exercise where we simply scanned the areas of life that we so deeply appreciate. In those moments of sitting at the end of a deep flow class, I realized how awesome this summer has been. It has been an eclectic mix of so many great things: newborns, birthdays, girls nights, camping, campfires, water parks, grilling, coffee, gardening, beer, laughter, hugs, just pure amazingness. One of the best things about this summer was the comeback of our fish tank.
Inline image 1
This summer, The Man and I revitalized the fish tank in our bedroom. The fish tank is a hobby mostly owned by The Man, but he has got me hooked. Ha! They are small and mighty beings, so fascinating to watch, allowing me to enjoy and experience frequent meditations while they swim and interact. It has been a lesson in pausing between the craziness of summer. In the mornings, I spend a few moments feeding them and telling them hello before closing up the house for the day and The Man and I inspect them and we have had to 'bury' a few. All in all, it's something that I am appreciating because it's something that we share, it's fun, and brings us together on common ground...and I am learning new things!

On the gardening side of life, we are seeing some mega growth, which is so rewarding. This is the time of year where I really get to realize, "Oh yeah! Now this is why I garden." Slowly but surely things took off and although the time has flown, I enjoy inspecting my plants, seeing them grow wild and enjoy the sun as much as me. Gardening is another form of meditation that I am delving into; not getting attached to the results, letting go of expectations, nurturing with practice, etc.

So, as I write this, reveling in the space of cherishing & appreciation for all the summer has offered me, I smile a tiny bit of a sad smile knowing that I will pack up another summer soon (hopefully not until October), and revel in the memories of the fish and the mega growth, but also the love and appreciation I have for all that summer has brought.