Wednesday, September 25, 2013

on spark

Wow...sitting here realizing it's been way too long since I have posted. All I can say is that I have been living life in a succulent, over the top, engaged, nourishing way that has been full of vitality, self-discovery, learning, compassion, growth zones, and well, spark. Something shifted wildly for me this summer in terms of the fun factor. Maybe it's because I had a little disposable income, or maybe it's because I had lots of balance with work and life, or maybe it's because I have been learning, living, and loving in extreme and passionate ways.

Summer recap rapid fire style...glamping in cabins by the water, water slides, campfires, garden grown tomatoes, basil, and dahlias, yoga, reading, sleeping in, being lazy, hugs, kisses, beer, wine, friends, grilling, new life, reflection, lemonade....exhale.

So for me, fall is about foundation and roots. I have been eating up what life has been offering, living in the moment like being a 10 year old again with a birthday cake full of candles in front of me. Big wish. Exhale. Love. Smiles all around. This fall I start my journey of becoming a certified yoga teacher. I am also coming up on my year anniversary of working in my grant funded position within the microenterprise sector. I have so much to look forward to these next few months and the theme that comes to mind is spark.

A shift happened to me when I turned 29 and maybe it's because I knew in a deep way I was closing the book on my twenties, some of the most formative years of my life. Either way, this subtle shift has sparked me to innovate, invent, design, argue the status quo a bit more. I notice myself shedding the "what will other people think about me?" attitude and choosing only those things that nourish me 1000% and saying goodbye to the rest. Toxic friendships that are transactional? Peace out! Petty arguments with The Man? See ya! Comparing myself to the skinny blonde who can get her toes behind her head in yoga? Nope. I am done with all of that nonsense. Shedding all of this mindless life clutter as I like to call it has created the space for spark.

This fall, I have a few things in the mix for my life that will lead to me tying a big red bow on 2013 and embarking into next year. These next three months are integral to maintaining the bliss and living it. It's good to be back.

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Melina said...

same here. i had a very physical transition as i moved across the country. but, i feel like every christmas. is a holiday. i'm so happy and i am so glad that you are, too!!!