Sunday, October 27, 2013


The only word that comes to mind lately is reveling. I am reveling all that fall has offered. As always, it has been a season of transition, slowing down, sleeping a bit more, moving more intentionally, gathering up energy in a holistic sort of way.

Lemon tart, chamomile tea on a foggy Seattle date night.
I just came off of a weekend in Whidbey Island, celebrating a fabulous woman (my psuedo sister-in-law), her fortieth birthday. We hung out in comfy clothes, ate ourselves simple, watched funny tv, went crabbing (yes, think deadliest catch...well, almost), and laughed our butts off. It was great. Coming home is always nice too and now it's Sunday and I am planning my week out, thinking about what needs attention, how I can take care of myself, and also how I can revel in all the amazingness that October has brought.

This month is almost over and I am looking back at so many amazing things...
I got a new cell phone and a new phone number. Yes, this was a big event in my life...I gave up my Maine phone number I have had for 13 years and got myself a new, local, Seattle number. In a way, it sealed the deal of calling the Pacific Northwest my home. I also stepped out of the iceage and got a great new system, the Samsung Galaxy S3. I'm in love with the smooth, good design.

I started my yoga teacher training program. Yes! My dream is coming to fruition. I am enrolled in a 200 hour RYT program here in Seattle. A five month training that will span through February with an advanced retreat in April. It is mindblowing, tough, awesome, and lots of work all at the same time. Needless to say, I'm in love.

I have been in love with the man. We have had so much fun together this month. We have had great date nights (indian food and Gravity in 3D/Imax), fun events with friends, movie watching, cuddling, and cleaning our house. Yes, our time together has evolved so much and it is never a dull moment. That I truly love and revel in every day.

I have found new, fascinating ways to be productive. I have been working with Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map for my planning and also Sarah Peck's amazing micro-tools as well. If you don't know these two ladies, they are by far my faves. Starting with how I want to feel and then deciding my actions and to dos form there is WAY more powerful than the endless to do list.

I am in deep healing and rebuilding of my adrenal system. Tis' the season to get the adrenals and immune function in tip top shape. Mornings are full of neti pots, homeopathic remedies, dry brushing, meditation, oil massage, smoothies, and hydration. I know I am susceptible to junk from dealing with a host of Lyme Disease craziness and now is the rebuilding piece. I feel good and know when I am pushing myself way too hard. Yay for being your own health and self-care advocate.

So, all in all, the month has been amazingly, well, great in lots of ways. I continue to think that we are put on this earth to function as our best selves. Make the choice. Choose how you want to feel and show up in the world and then take the actions you need to.

Love you all!