Sunday, January 12, 2014

gratitude week #2: basics

Well, I am finally back and for the most part, settled back into life in the PNW. I was almost gone for about a month with the weather delays on top of my three week scheduled mini-sabbatical and it feels good to be home but as you probably know, it takes some time to get in the groove again with work, home, routine, unpacking, and putting away the holidays. Deep breaths combined with jumping right into yoga teacher training weekend as well as a few 11 hour nights of sleep and lemon tea, I feel pretty dang good. With that said, my theme of gratitude this week is all about basics.

1. For amazingly delicious, nourishing food, especially on the days I worked from home in my parents' basement. This delicious lobstah stew totally made the working part worth it as I hunkered down, caught up on all things e-mail and conference call. Yum, yum, yum!

2. For mornings. It's so funny how the rhythm of life changes as you get older, especially in the way of getting my day started a helluva lot earlier now than when I was in my teens and early twenties. I love the magic a morning brings, like a fresh start, almost as if the day is a blank canvas and I get to throw on the paint.

3. For my favorite work tools. A great notebook, Pilot G2 .7 Black pen, purple post-it notes, and yogi tea with the best words of wisdom ever. It's the little things that totally light me up ear to ear and may make me giggle a bit when I realize how dorky I am.

4. For beauty in the smallest places. It's that is. Yes, the world throws us curveball after curveball, destroying those cute little expectations we have about life, love, traveling on time, etc. One of the days I was stuck, I saw this beautiful pattern in my bedroom window of the crystals that had formed from the ice and moisture. Truly amazing that nature can put pieces like this together with no help from all.

5. For my altar. Even though it feels like we live on a boat sometimes, I still maintain my little nook and part of my nook is my altar/sanctuary/devotional corner. It is where I find my respite after my long days and where I start most of my mornings. It is grounding, open, receptive, and taps into all parts of my being. It is so basic...a small Ikea table I got from a friend who was moving out of town, a few buddhas from around the globe, a few of my favorite texts, and a singing bowl from my trip to Nepal. My newest addition is Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map program that The Man gifted me for Christmas.

So, as I wrap up my Sunday night post, I get really present to all the basic things in my life that add groundedness, deep breaths, smiles, and a little spice. Now, hot tea, reading, and rest call my name.

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