Thursday, January 30, 2014

gratitude week 4: seeing amazingness among the mundane

I have to admit, the past two weeks have felt a little low/funky for me. Part of it is the struggle for maintaining a solid routine as my work schedule was sporadic, dedicating a lot of time into studying and homework for my yoga teacher training program, and not getting a ton of exercise. Like one of my teachers always says, just return to your practice which has also been hard but slowly I am finding my way back on course. Warm lemon water in the morning, short meditations, and smiling...lots of smiling.

With that said, this week's post is all about seeing the gratitude through what may appear as the mundane.

I am so grateful for my morning time...I seem to mention it a lot, but it has become something so sacred to me in my life. Quiet, fresh, blank. I had the opportunity to take a workshop from Rod Stryker last week, founder of Parayoga and it truly lit me up. I had one of those glimpses into absolute radiance. I am starting his book, The Four Desires, a recommendation from one of my teachers. The mug next to the book was a gift from my best friend's mom who is a potter.
The amazing access I have to delicious and wonderful food...Seattle is one of those places where you could eat at a different place every night for a year and still not make a dent. We don;t eat out a ton but we also have amazing grocery stores...five in a half mile radius of our house, three in 1/10 of a mile. They are always fully stocked with yummy food and freshness. The chai is a new addition this week as the mornings are gloomy and cold and I always sip it and smile thinking this tastes like awesome.
My learning and transformation through my yoga teacher training...yes, I have been studying and working my little gluetal muscles off but the past five months have been exceptionally transformative. Where it will lead is totally unknown at this point, but lots of ideas brewing in the cauldron. I am beyond grateful not only for the experience but all the valleys and peaks along they way that led me to this moment. That whole idea of turning dreams into reality? Yep, it happens. It just takes a helluva lot of elbow grease and a dash of magic and when the starts align, it all just flows.
Photo: Morning practice.

So, the mundane isn't so mundane. It holds this extreme amount of magical light and greatness that should not be taken for granted. In these last final days of January, I look back on the month and think, holy heck! What a full, robust, wacky month but so fabulous. Enjoy!

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