Friday, January 3, 2014

the need to create & weekly gratitude #1

You know that feeling when something is totally calling you? When you have the inkling to create something great but you are not quite sure what it will look like or how it will workout? Well, that is the space I am in right now. The energy to innovate and invent is one of the most magical, empowering, light up your life feelings to have. So, with all of that said, I am embarking on my first annual "project" of sorts. This will be my 2014 gratitude project. I love gratitude. A year ago, I started a gratitude journal that I found at an art walk down in Ballard on Sunday. I love pulling it out, opening to a new, fresh page with the orange ribbon marker, and penning my 5-10 gratitudes. 

They range from the mundane, like great pots and pans and white t-shirts to the extraordinary, sunsets over the Olympic mountains and seeing random acts of kindness on the downtown streets of Seattle. So this year, I am documenting my top weekly gratitudes in a blog post. My hope is that this will get me back on my blog, help me dive into my writing again, and also create a sense of amazingness in my life. 

This first week is all about being home in Maine. I have had the chance to spend three weeks home, the longest break home since the summer after my sophomore year of college. It has been magical, beautiful, happy, sad, and amazing. For these things, I am grateful...

The opportunity to teach yoga in my hometown. I was so lucky to put my yoga teacher training into the world while I was home. I taught ages 3-60, all abilities and levels and shared this deep passion of mine with the locals. 

For ample reflection, planning, and chill time in front of the fireplace. When I visit this time of year, I love curling up and taking chill time. It means no watch, no electronics, and no agenda. Just following what feels good. I get the time and support to make this happen and the firewood as well. 

For supporting the local businesses. When I left Maine 10 years ago, there lacked a local, grassroots style business movement and now, it is better than ever. I love frequenting the local yoga studio and the cafe below and taking a solo date. It is my respite in the midst of the crazy holiday time. 

For being home, because there is no place like it. There really is nothing like coming home to the place you grew up. There is a deep nourishment to the space, the familiarity, and the tastes. It is beyond comfortable. I am so grateful for the time I was able to spend with my family and my neighbors. It is such a special place that I always hold so close in my heart. Thank you Maine. 

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