Monday, January 20, 2014

week in gratitude: #3-inspiring quotes

As I was entrenched in the Seahawks game last night, I realized after I put my book down before bed that I forgot to post. The good news is that I have a holiday today and some great things on the docket aligned with my core desired feelings of Alignment, Grace, Limitless, Create, Nourished, and Engaged.

It's always a balance for me in terms of external relationship building and enjoyment and also enjoying my personal time, restoring my energy through introverted activities. One of my guilty pleasures actually is surfing Pinterest and finding those amazing, inspiring, blissful quotes. I thought I would share a few here that just make my heart melt...absolutely melt. They are part of my vision board and serve as northern stars for those lazy/uninspired/frustrating days. Enjoy!

If it doesn't light you up, you're not the right person for the job. Subscribe: #Truthbomb #Words #Quotesworthy.For me writing is as essential as breathing, and food. I do not feel alive, or complete without the music of the soul, which for me is the written word. I suppose musician's feel the same when they compose, and artists feel the same when they paint. Writing is far more than an internal dialog that is shared from concept to tangible script. The power of the story is timeless. Jeana Giordano

#Grace is accepting what is instead of resenting what isn't.              laughing.          Balance = alignment - Loved and pinned by <3333. My English teacher taught me this, (: . I love writing for this class. It Gmh . I thought my hs English teacher was great.... But she was really cynical. And we never studied anything fascinating.
...                            Live Now

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