Monday, February 24, 2014

on engagement, all the gratitude, resistance to downtime, and intention

Whoa buddy! Where did February go? I mean, weren't we just popping open champagne and saying goodbye to 2013? It always feels (at least in the Pacific Northwest anyway) that February can feel both like the longest month and the shortest month all at the same time. The holidays have passed their prime, the newness of gifts and such maybe are lacking their initial luster, those intentions/resolutions/goals/etc. just don't light you up like they did on January 2nd, and life can seem, well, least for me. Well this February had a whole bunch of those emotions and lots of highs too. 

Photo: Resized and official.  #bliss #engagement #soulmateFebruary reminds me to hunker down just a little bit, make space for sleeping in, enjoy lazy Sunday mornings with coffee and donuts, and be in my sweats more than skirts. My GoreTex gets used a bit more, the bulbs I planted in the fall start to creep up in the whiskey barrel planters and bring me joy when I head out for my commute in the mornings, and there is a settling in of sorts with the routines I have set for 2014. The biggest change for me in this still very new year is the fact that I got engaged on February 1st. It has been blissful to settle into this new chapter (and exhausting!). It has included getting in touch with family and friends, celebrating with our tribe with dinners, champagne, and delicious treats, lots of laughter and tears, Skype time with my parents, dabbling into wedding Pinterest boards (rabbit hole central), doing some serious purging of stuff, which led to me experiencing the closing of a life chapter. The best part of engagement is both having that direction of knowing where we are going but also this amazingly deep, soulful, telepathic, love vibe that has infected us. I am giddy and totally loving our time to just be in the moment. 

"People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost." - Dalai LamaOn top of that huge life movement came my passing of my yoga teacher training exam. I finished up my course February 9th and am getting ready for Part II, a week long retreat at the hot springs in Oregon where I will be totally in turn-off mode, yoga bliss, and mind bending with my yoga tribe in the first week of April. I am filled with huge amounts of gratitude for the experience of going through this process. It has turned my life completely upside down (in a good way of course). One of the biggest pieces of the five month process is this return to gratitude for all my practice provides me...stability during the storms, joy in the dark, and the capacity to live a full, multidimensional life. It's oh so good.

February also brought the opportunity to start working with a life coach. It was an opportunity that fell into my lap and I said a holy yes to it, simply because there are some patterns of mine that I want to examine a bit more and change in these next few months. I feel like I am totally ready to launch into that next chapter. Part of this is the integration/resistance of downtime for me. Think: white calendar space. Yep, don't have much of that going on these days. I am working on figuring out where does that come from, how does it feel in my body, how does it create ripple impacts across other areas of my life, etc.? Great questions to ask...answers? Not so much yet, but totally loving the process. 

Intention + Action = MagicAnd in the end, it comes back to intention. Intentions resonate with me a little bit more than goals do, simply because it feels a little stronger and provides a little bit more flexibility. I had dinner with a colleague and we were talking about intentions leading us into action. It becomes quite magical when the intention is created and things do fall into place. Our conversation reminded me that I have this choice every day to create from a blank slate...the intentions I set create my attitudes and beliefs and perceptions. It's juicy stuff...

So, as I step into the last week of February, there is so much to be excited about, despite the dampness, heaviness, and desire to hibernate in my fiance's old rowing sweatshirt from 1991. Cultivation is game...setting the foundation up for launch and growth. May the last few days of the shortest month treat you well. 

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