Wednesday, May 28, 2014

where the magic happens

Gone are the days of brunches in wine country, iced coffees and speed walking around the lake, and throwing ourselves into the meat market of Friday night clubbing. The women I run with are meeting in living rooms on the New Moon and shedding their layers and exposing deep vulnerabilities, having conversations worth having, stepping into deep power, love for themselves and one another, and getting real. I started attending a New Moon Circle in January of this year.

It manifested out of one of my goals from the Desire Map based on my Core Desired Feelings...engaged, vitality, aligned, nourished, limitless. My top goal was to find my tribe of amazing, goddess women. Boom. Fast forward to the May New Moon and I am sitting her completely in awe of the power that is generated in the three hours we spend together every month. Magic Happens. I am called to write, to write poetry to capture what I feel.

talking stick. i listen. i speak. only one at a time.
chanting to ganesha. om ganesha. remover of obstacles. guide me, embrace all of it.
holding space, feeling sad, open, ripped apart, muddled up.
it is held.
fuck. shit. damn, holy hell.
all of it.
the tears, raw and flowing. there is no harm here. just be.
sit with it. be with it, you are supported. that is all.
we discover through the night, as we sip tea that we all hold the stories
that hold us back. ahhhh, now i see. it is clear. shameless? hell yes.
that is my purpose. what is my purpose? legacy struggle.
marry myself. fearless on the cliff. the tears trailing in the wind.
if i am stable in myself, standing in my truth, all is well.
leave nothing unsaid, leave with your heart held in a new way.
nourished and new.
the intention is set.

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