Sunday, August 24, 2014

summer break

Lounging. Lots of lounging.
Oh. My. Gosh. This summer has absolutely, totally, rocked. It has kicked ass and taken names. It has been so full of juicy fun, vitality, growth, laughter, unabashed delight. I have been enjoying it sooooooo much. And now, it is starting to feel like the end is almost near. And you know what? I am okay with it. I have been out and about, eating meals al fresco, enjoying late night movie fests, adventuring to lots of fun events, taking yoga outside, and most of all, living with ease. I have stepped back from my blog, mainly because I hate the thought of sitting in front of the computer when the sun is shining for almost 16 hours a day.

Since moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2007, I quickly learned that you live here and put up with the grey skies and drizzle for the 6+ months to enjoy the beautiful, succulent summer months. We have totally lucked out this summer and I am realizing how blessed and grateful I am for not only the amazing weather, but for all the micro moments that the summer has captured. Here are a few photos showcasing what I have been up to.
Assisting at the Seattle Art Museum Yoga in the Park Event.
250 people coming together for yoga on Saturday mornings. Does it get any better?
Sunset picnics at the beach. Need I say more?
Summer garden harvest! Oh. My. Yum. 
Summer Street Food Festival with my Seattle Family. 
My mom visited for 12 days and I had the entire time off.
It was so fun to connect and hangout together. 
Lots of deck time. Reading, sipping, reading, sipping...
Dahlia love. 
Coffee dates on cool mornings, solving all the world's problems over a cuppa.
There was a lot of ice cream eaten. A lot. 
There was ample spiritual practice this summer. Hanging out with my goddesses.
Tears, smiles, open hearts. 
Red Sox vs. Seattle. A perfect evening. Nothing says summer like baseball. 
Reflection was a staple.
Balancing extroverted energy with my introverted nature. 

I ran a 5k race in July.
It was great to train and I felt so good and strong.
It also marked a celebration that my chapter of healing from Lyme disease had been achieved. 
One of many weekend lunches with friends this summer.
This place has the most rockin' black bean burger lunch in Seattle.

Oh, I could go on and on for days. I love these simple snapshots. What moments are you savoring? What memories are you creating with your friends and family? May the rest of your summer be oh so juicy, full of great food and fun, and ample down time. :)

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