Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2015: Desires. Plans. Intentions. Goals

Sunrise on the Ganges, India Trip, 2014
Well here we all are, three weeks into 2015 and I feel like I am finally finding my groove. I felt a bit like I was a steam train, slow moving at first but now strong and steady, moving into this year feeling so inspired and grateful for the abundance I so often see in my own life when I pause, breathe, and really see what is all around me.

I heard something on a podcast recently that mentioned this idea of the feelings of a new year being available to us every single day, when the sun rises. We have the opportunity to create and step into what is possible the moment we open our eyes in the morning. I found that to be a great reminder in how we approach living our lives with full intention.

I wrote about my lessons from 2014 already and have been brewing some mega magic around discovering and mapping out my 2015. Normally, I would have pushed myself to get all my visioning and goal setting done before the end of 2014, yet this year was different. With The Man being sick over the holiday and resettling back from India, I just wasn't really ready and now I know better than to force. So, here I am, three weeks into the new year and I am so excited to share about my four overarching themes and some desires & goals for 2015.

1. Design & Live a Spacious Life. This is number one this year. For those of you who have listened to my stories of India, this was my biggest takeaway & personal learning from my trip. I got on the plane in Seattle totally burnt out like a crispy french fry; dull, bland, and not desirable. I am really out to create more space in my life in all areas:

  • Living with less...clutter, clothing, stuff, commitments, etc.
  • Keeping one weekend day completely free & open each week
  • Cutting down on mind numbing social media browsing (I hope you might join me in my own FFF-February Facebook Fast)
  • Renew my relationship with rest

2. Create Sacred, Loving, Partnership. A year ago, I was getting ready to take my Yoga Teacher Training exam and despite the many days and nights of studying anatomy and Sanskrit, The Man surprised me with a weekend getaway to Leavenworth, WA (a quaint, Bavarian Village which is super cute in the winter) and proposed to me on a sleigh ride. This year, we are getting married and I couldn't be more excited about walking the path of partnership with my best friend.

  • Carving out deliberate, intentional quality time with The Man. This includes our weekly date night and time spent on the weekends together.
  • Creating health and wellness together; cooking more and being active together.
  • Enjoy the planning and designing of our ceremony and reception, keeping our values of fun, integrity, and connection at the forefront of our decisions. 
  • Surrounding ourselves with other relationships that are nurturing and that bring us true joy, both independent of each other and together.
  • Cultivate gratitude intentionally. 

3. Feel Nourished, Vital, and Well. I pretty much keep a healthy living component at the forefront of every year, not because I want to torture myself with fad diets and 4am gym jaunts, but because my physical health directly correlates with my mental health and wellness, which is super duper important to how I show up in my life for others and in my work in the world.

  • Integrate daily movement into my life. That can be a gym visit or a walk break during work. 
  • Fall in love with the kitchen again. This directly correlates to theme #1 around spaciousness in my life.
  • Engage in activities that are nourishing. This includes my meditation and yoga practices, continuing to grow as a yoga teacher, keeping fiscally fit, creating morning & evening routines that support my life, and watching my energy output at work. 
  • Practicing radical acts of self-care. Mental health days, honoring my introverted nature, visits to the naked lady spa, massages and body scrubs, all of the above.
  • Embrace rest and play and integrate both into daily life.

4. Embrace Creativity & Learning. I am a lifelong learner & seeker and I have known this about myself since I started school. I remember I would be sad on the last day of school because I wouldn't be able to have structured time for reading and writing. This year, I am setting some metric goals around my reading & writing as well as a few other gems related to learning and creativity.

  • Read 52 books this year. I will be posting my reading lists on the blog and via Instagram. I will also be continuing to listen to audiobooks on my commute. I have about a 45 minute commute on some days and this really has transformed my entire relationship with driving.
  • Write 100 blog posts. I am out to surpass any of my other years of writing and really striving to be intentional about making the time for writing. My writing also includes journaling time, working on the start of my memoir, and also morning pages.
  • Take a hip hop dance class series.
  • Re-start learning Italian self-study style.

As I sit here and write out these desires and intentions, I am more stoked than I have ever been. I feel like I have my map in hand and that my backpack is packed with everything I need. Now, I just have to start walking. And that's truly the key. Putting one foot in front of the other, one day at a time, and being open to course correcting when needed. Living an intentional life is a practice and practice means progress, not perfection. I hope your first three weeks of 2015 are treating you well and are giving you insight into your own map.

Blessings on the path,

p.s. My process for designing my goals and intentions stems from Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map. I am a Desire Map evangelist. The process has transformed my entire relationship with goal setting and I strongly encourage you to check her out.  It. Will. Change. Your. Life.

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