Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings-Day 2: On What Nourishes & Needs Nourishing

It's Day 2 of my #100daysofjensmusings project. I was so looking forward to sitting down and penning this post. I hope you enjoy!

Spring is a juicy time. In addition to fall, it's one of my favorite seasons. The tulips. The longer days. The bits of blue skies. Being in my garden again. Sauteeing onions, leeks, and asparagus. The whole act of renewal growth, expansion and opening. All of it.

The season has been treating me so well, despite the feeling of fullness around work, the wedding planning, my yoga teaching, and socializing. The winter season landed right after my India trip, when my insights around spaciousness, grace, and ease were most present. I had a lot of time to integrate and turn inward. Now, as I transition out of that time, I can feel a little pushed in that "busy-crazy-full to the brim-head barely above water" direction. The difference now is that I am so keenly aware of it, that it's scary. Not scary in the, "Yikes! It's a horror show!" type of scary, but more in that, "Ahhh...now I can so clearly see my patterns," kind of scary. I can validate the whole experience and not make myself wrong for it.

Up until about two years ago, it used to be that there was one speed in my life: maximum. I had always been a pusher, a driver, a get shit done kind of woman. There was no seasonality to my life. I lived by the go hard & fast rule. Through my yoga teacher training, I really embraced a new way of being in my life, specifically around the seasonality to living. There wasn't just a surface level knowledge acquisition of these concepts, but a deep dive into living them.

The theme that has stuck with me through all of the practices and the integration of them into my life comes from the whole theme of nourishment. Especially with the change of the seasons, this topic has come up both internally and in my conversations with others. Usually, I have to hear something three times before I start to really question and reflect. This time it has been centered around the questions of what is nourishing me and what needs nourishing. So, what better place to explore than through my 100 day project.

What Is Nourishing Me:
      My morning practices.  I have really fallen in love with my mornings again. I keep it pretty simple and sometimes I don't get it all in, but my practices include:
*7-20-7: 7 minutes of movement (yoga or the 7 minute workout), 20 minutes of meditation, and 7 minutes of journaling/desire mapping
*Ayurveda practices: lemon water, tongue scraping, dry brushing, Neti Pot, and oil massage after shower
*Nourishing meal (eggs and greens or fruit and oatmeal)

      Early Bed Times & Limited Screen Time. Getting in bed by 10pm, reading until about 10:45 and then lights out. Because we don't have a TV, it's easy to limit our screen time as we can only watch so much on the laptop.

      My 90/10 Rule. At work, I am trying to work in bursts of 90 minutes with deep focus and goals, and then take a break for 10 minutes (stretch, walk outside, a phone call or e-mail to a friend, reading a blog). It helps. I wish I had implemented sooner.

What Needs Nourishing:
      More Time In the Kitchen. Meal planning and prep have taken a back burner and I want to bring that back into my life again. The ingredients are super fresh and lovely, and it's a value of mine to eat well and be nourished by my meals.

     Open White Space in My Calendar. Especially on the weekends. I have noticed myself getting back into the pattern of booking up my weekends super fast. I crave the open space I had after India and feel called to get that back again.

     Giving Back. I am called to be giving my time somewhere in a volunteer capacity. This desire is really linked to the intention above. Creating more space for what truly matters, especially in my schedule.

Nourishment is such a lovely theme to play with during the spring season. It's symbolic of renewal and rebirth, getting rid of the old, stagnant ways of being and making space for new things and intentions to emerge. I am delighted with my new writing project as well as it's also really nourishing to make the time for my writing and self-expression.

I highly encourage you to take some time to reflect on what nourishes you right now and what needs nourishing? Create the space to feel nourishment from the inside out today, tomorrow, always...

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