Sunday, April 26, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Days 19, 20, and 21: On What I've Been Up To...

Hello! It's been a few days and I wanted to let you know what I have been up to:

Teaching Friday mornings: My Friday mornings are about teaching my 10am yoga class. It's one of my most sacred 60 minutes every week. Sharing the practice on asana with 12-18 people every week is truly magical. I am totally blessed to have the wisdom of my teachers and my teachers teachers behind me. In one of my previous posts, I talk about how we as teachers are students and the students are teachers. I have fallen in love with my students and all the bits and pieces I get out of teaching.

Staying Focused: It's a busy time of year at work. Grant reporting, new trainings starting, staff transitions, but I have really enjoyed disciplining myself in new ways. Creating my Top 5 Most Important Tasks in the mornings, sticking to my calendar, and not falling down the rabbit whole of distraction. Also, I have been starting to run in the mornings again at least three days per week and elimintaing coffee and adding smoothies to my mornings. It has totally been a game changer.

Deep Conversations: Conversations that are about possibility and workability. That is the juice. Surrounding myself with people who totally light me up and bring me joy. I have my circle on the New Moon and dates with friends for tea and dinner that inspire me to play big.

Retreat: Last but not least, I co-led a fabulous retreat weekend on Bainbridge Island this weekend. It was a personal retreat where we created a container for individuals to come, restore, explore self-care, being in the woods, following rhythms, and laughing. It included deep vulnerability, singing and chanting, yoga in the grass, and support. It was truly wonderful and nourishing and a beautfiul way to combine leading with participating. I will be writing about why retreat is so necessary in the next few weeks as I gather the learnings from my own experiences of leading and participating.

Struggle: It's not all roses and rainbows. I have been struggling in communication within my own personal relationship with my partner, especially around wedding planning. I became super clear this weekend on retreat that the wedding is my spiritual work right now. That's the practice I get to engage in and learn deep, rich lessons from and I will be completely honest, it's really HARD.

So that's it. Now off to shower and read and wind down...a big week ahead..wrapping up the first month of the second quarter. Big things ahead. Adventures abound. To infinity and beyond....

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