Friday, May 1, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Day 26: Sniffle Sniffle, Cough Cough

I woke up today not feeling super great. In the middle of the week, I started to feel as though I was fighting something off. Thursday felt worse and then today, I felt like my head was stuffed with cotton balls. The old me would have pushed through the day, trying to cross as many things off the to do list as possible, cleaning the house and tackling the dishes, answering e-mails and trying to run errands.

Now, I have reached that magical point in my life where I know better.
I know better than to push. I know now that I can surrender and take care.
To rest and not feel the need to go, go, go.
I know now that happiness outweighs depletion.
I know now that when I am not feeling well, it's my body telling me to listen.
I know now that backing off and finding nourishment and support is the only option.
I know now that the dishes and vacuuming can wait, the mail can sit on the desk.
I know now that I can ask The Man to run errands for me and ask him to make soup.
I know now that I can tell my friends not today.
I know now that staying in bed for a day won't be detrimental.
I know now that this moment is impermanent. Tomorrow will be a totally different day.
I know now that I can hold myself in a gentle way, with a whole heart, and a kind touch.

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