Saturday, May 2, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Day 27: Socks & Tea

I have always been a tea drinker. Now don't get me wrong. Moving to Seattle turned me onto the dark side of coffee and I have had spurts of having a cup in the morning, daily, for months at a time, but if I had to choose between the hot drinks, it would be tea. I love tea. Tonight, we came home from a lovely backyard birthday party for a dear friend. We sat around a fire pit and sipped on beers, ate birthday cake, and laughed and chatted about the world, life, and love. Then, we came home and what I looked forward to the most, besides slithering into my sweats, was to pull on a pair of my comfy socks that feel like gentle, warm hug on my feet, and my hot cup of tea.

This has been my evening ritual for a couple of years now. Tonight, It just felt different. I'm not sure why it felt different, but it did. Maybe it's because I have been thinking a lot about my travels to India and Nepal and how at the end of my days, whether I was taking Sanskrit lessons and visiting temples by rickshaw, or trekking in the Himalayas, I always appreciated all the little things that I usually take for granted at home. Maybe it's because I am feeling a little under the weather and comfort and warmth feel totally nourishing.

Either way, my socks and tea are making life so damn yummy right now.

After being on meditation retreat, I always come back so appreciative of the little things. It's that whole idea of mindfulness and doing things with intention and silence that bring reverence to all aspects of life. In our conversation around the fire pit tonight, someone said that when they go three days without sitting practice, they get negative and cranky.
Whoa...I can totally relate.

Yet I wonder if it's at all possible to find the effects of sitting practice in our appreciation of the little things, like socks and tea, and get the same sense of peace and contentment, kindness and compassion, from finding those little things in our lives that can bring us so much joy.

May we all find our own version of socks and tea that have wiggled their way into our lives and become a practice without us even being aware that it's a practice. A kiss and hug in the morning, listening to jazz on the radio while you do the dishes, feeding the fish in the aquarium after breakfast. Whatever it is, may it totally nourish and support you in appreciating the little things.

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