Monday, May 11, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Day 36: Want What You Want

I always see lots of posts around social media and in my inbox with the theme of "If  you could tell your younger self one piece of wisdom, what would you share?" As my birthday gets closer, I can't help but reflect on the years past, of all the experiences, lessons, and learnings I have had in my 31 years of living. One lesson that has been popping up more and more lately is this idea of wanting what you want. There is no feeling that compares to true, pure desire. To want something with all your heart. If I had to write a letter to my younger self of this lesson, here is what I would say:

Dear Lovely,
Want what you want. Sit down in a quiet place and tune in deeply to that space between your heart and your spine. There is softness there, close your eyes and hear the rhythm of your heartbeat. That space between beats is where desire lives. It lives in the deepest parts of our soul. In the yoga system, they say that the heart is where the earth element meets the air element, the ethereal. 

The world needs your desires. Every one of them, down to the type of chocolate you like or how you like your eggs cooked or the brand of coffee that makes you smile ear to ear. If you want ice cream instead of cake at your wedding, want that. Want your morning meditation practice. Want your gym visits and indie films. Want time to be alone and want your goals, even if they sound silly, like reading 52 books in a year. Want your creative outlets and time with your friends and time in your garden. Want the trip to India and the meditation retreat and tea dates with good people. Want the opportunity to make mistakes and want the job that gives you more flexibility than money. Want the nice shower head and the cute scarf. Want the man who makes you feel like a queen, even on work nights. Want to be married and at the same time, want independence. Want your feelings, every one of them, even the messy ones. Want a clean house and no tv, because both things will make life simpler. Want simplicity and ease and grace. Those three qualities are gold. Want beautiful notebooks and a writing nook. Want happy hours and visits to bookstores. Want vulnerability and rage, they both are valuable. Want to write your stories. Who cares who reads them. Writing is for you. Want fresh vegetables and time in the sunshine. Want whatever is in your heart.

Want what you want because life is oh so precious. Want it dear...want it. 

With Deepest Love,
Your Older, Wiser Self

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