Friday, May 15, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Day 40: It's Day 40!!

I sit down to write tonight and realized it's day #40. 40 days of writing daily! I have never done this in my life. As I sit here and think about what there is to write, I get stuck. Actually, I get stuck every night and that is what is so great about this project. In a way, it forces me to create...rather than force, which has such a negative connotation, it creates a great structure for me to get my stuff out there, to make something, to go beyond fear of rejection, judgement, criticism, etc.

I was having my morning tea and thinking of my #100dayproject and how the project has rippled out into my own life. What has come to mind is this whole idea of "just do it," the infamous Nike tag line. Be in action. Stop being in your head. Take the next move. Deal with what is in front of you.

To be in action and to take action serves us way more than being in our head. We start to play these little games with ourselves, mind tricks and then the great debate on why something shouldn't happen ensues. We get caught up in our own net. The only way to escape is to just do it.

I have been reading some good stuff lately; out on the web, some blog posts, some great books and what I am constantly left with is this whole paradigm of action. Take the next action, whether you think it's small or insignificant or if it is huge and life changing.

So, how has the project spilled over into my life?
  • Focus. Extreme focus. I have to write every. damn. day. No matter what. If I put it off until bedtime, well, guess what? I don't get to crawl between the sheets until that publish button is pushed. I have to focus on making something. Every day. 
  • Take the next action. Answer the e-mail, make the call, get my ass to the gym, get my ass on my meditation cushion. Pack the lunch. Clean the dirty dish. Plant the plants. I have really cut out the chatter in my head, the great debates, and it feels so much more spacious in that headspace of mine. 
  • "Prioritize your life, or someone else will." This is a quote by Greg McKeown, author of the book Essentialism. I have really paired down and identified my own essentials. Day 38 was all about that. Making the space and time to write reminds me that it is a huge part of who I am and what I desire. Carving out the time and having structure for the things that matter, that really truly, deeply matter, is keeping my energy contained and high.
  • I succeed with structure. I have to say that I am a pretty self-structured person, but sometimes I flail and was doing so with my writing. What better way to engage with the writing then to do the #100dayproject? For example, I have been implementing two days per week of small group personal training. I go Mondays and Thursdays and by signing up, I get my ass there. Also, I have been implementing a small practice called self-care Fridays. By the end of the week, the introverted nature in me needs some TLC. Spa visit, massage, journal in bed, cafe, wine, chocolate, reading time, you name it. By building it in, it's there for me. 
So with all of that said, the project has acted like a superbooster to my video game called life. I have so enjoyed the writing process and yes, it's still scary as hell, but I love it. I am so looking forward to the next 60 days. 

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