Saturday, May 16, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Day 41: Taking Root

Saturdays are my days for a morning yoga class and then usually gardening in the afternoon, followed by cooking a meal for two and hitting the sheets early-ish. This morning, as I stepped on my yoga mat, I felt super rooted. I practice yoga most days, whether it's my personal home practice, taking a class, or teaching a class and today felt different. I felt as though my foundation was very strong, the strongest it has been in awhile. Then, as I played and worked in the dirt this afternoon, I was thrilled to be digging and moving dirt around, making space for my wedding flowers to take root.

So the idea of taking root is on my mind. Developing a strong foundation first before you can rise. It looks and feels different for all of us.

Take root in your life. From the moment your feet hit the ground in the morning. Spread your toes wide, ground down through your feet. You are stepping into the world again after being in your dream state. Move your body, simple stretches, a big morning stretch does the trick. Feel the feet. It always comes back to the feet. After your morning tea, sit down at your altar. Your heart is an altar, you know. Sit down and root down and feel your heart be the bridge between the earth and the air. Our heart can open more as we take root in our seat. Breathe and contemplate but mostly breathe.
Step into your day, your service, your work, your relationships. Is there an opportunity to show up differently? Is there? Look a little more deeply and you will see those fleeting moments that can make a difference. Root down into listening, because we know the power really is in the listening. 
Then, come back home to yourself. Pause, be alone. Root down to rise. You will expand beyond infinite worlds when you set the foundation for your heart, your spirit, your life.

Happy rooting!

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