Monday, May 18, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Day 43: Nightfall

The nights I end up working late, there is a natural winding down process that happens. I usually get in my car and it's quiet. The surroundings are quiet. Very little traffic on the freeways and when it's nice out, I drive with the sunroof open and the windows down. I take full, deep breaths and look at the city lights and skyscrapers as I make my way north. I love this moment. Freedom runs through my veins, the fresh air is invigorating and all is well in my world.

The black night sky is speckled with stars, like silver glitter on black construction paper that kids create. A blanket is pulled over the world, except for those of us who work late nights, pounding through e-mails and to do's and then we escape. A huge, deep breath infuses our beings. We make our way home to quiet rooms and houses, dark living rooms and kitchens. Life is put away for the day.

Like a mouse, you gently put your things away or maybe they are dumped in the middle of the living room. The fridge opens- meats and cheeses and popcorn for a midnight snack, just to get you through breakfast. You strip off the clothes from the day, Being barefoot feels so nice...spread the toes, wiggle around outside the prison we call shoes. You look in the mirror, think about the late nights and how they are juice to your soul, an adrenaline rush of sorts. You remember the Buddhist who said, "When you brush your teeth, just brush your teeth," and remember that's all there is really. I mean, the present moment is it. It's all we got.

You slip into bed next to your loved one. A cuddle, a touch, a quick kiss goodnight. This is nightfall. This is how it is. But not forever.

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