Friday, May 22, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Day 47: Party Time

It's my birthday and it's 1:00am. I enjoyed so much good time with family today and am getting a chance to do it again tomorrow. Laughing, hugs, delicious treats, more laughter, more hugs, more food. In my room, I am enjoying the silence before I transition to sleep land. I realize that it takes me a bit to wind down from the energy. As an introvert, it can be draining and I know really well when I git my limit and what makes me get there.

Partying is good for the soul...once in a while. It guides me to letting go, putting my Type A personality on the shelf, and really embrace flexibility, fun, laughter, and chatting about life, love, and the world. Partying is also good because it embraces a quality of celebration and acknowledgement, two things I totally think the world needs more of.

At work lately, we have been focusing on celebrating successes. I find this a practice in itself, especially for someone like me who struggles with my internal critical nature, which shows it's face quite often. Striving and pushing for good, better, and best is not always the best choice. Celebrating success, expressing gratitude, and showing up with lightheartedness are qualities I know I can bring more of into my life.

So despite the past few months feeling busy and full, I like to look on all the successes and celebrate those, because in the end, it's the good stuff that keeps you going:

...all the work going into the garden and dahlia planting
...juggling an intense workload and taking care of myself
...making time for people in my life who matter
...self-care strategies like spa nights and massages new meals and recipes
...making time for my writing and reading
...cutting out coffee for 5 weeks and really enjoying it on my vacation
...having some rich and intense conversations and clearing up inauthenticities

I type all of those things out and feel really happy where I am at. Things are good. So much to celebrate.

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