Monday, June 8, 2015

#100daysofjensmusing- Day 64: Weaving the Web

Sometimes in the morning, before I leave for the day, I head out into the garden and look at all my plants and flowers. It's like a little sacred checking in of sorts. What I find the most fascinating is the webs that spiders weave through the night. Like an intricate map of fine, silver floss, I see the interconnectedness and complexity of these webs in the morning and I am awestruck. Through the night, the spiders go to work, weaving and creating, connecting things, making space, inventing something beautiful from the space of nothing. Pure presence.

I admire the spiders. I admire their tenacity and creativity. And then I remember that we are all weaving our own webs. We live our lives in a daily mode of connecting and creating from the space of nothing. What would it be like to show up like a spider, night in and night out, weaving and connecting, knowing that in any moment, it could all disappear?

What webs am I creating in my own life? The web of innovation and creativity in my work, the web of my new chapter of marriage, the web of spiritual teachings and writing, of vitality and health. Each day, it's an opportunity to get to work, to do extraordinary things, clear things to make things. 
It's all a web, all of it. Every now and then, we get to sit back and admire the masterpiece, but for most of us, we work and create and love knowing that it is all impermanent. There is beauty in that too. 

This story was shared with me years ago and I could listen to it over and over. May it serve you over and over.

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