Monday, June 1, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Day 57: The Dose

Find something that is inspiring. It can be anything: a child playing a musical instrument, handmade artisan goods at the farmer's market, a trip to the museum, eating at a fabulous restaurant, watching a local indie film, anything! It's so easy to live our days with our heads devices, screens, gossip, drama, fast food, bad TV, etc. When our heads are buried, we miss out. We really miss out and it costs us.

I sat down this morning in my writing nook for some journaling before I headed out for my workout and jotted down some new core desired feelings for this birthday year. Usually, I get too heady about the whole process and spend too much time finding the "right" words. This morning was quite different. They spilled out really fast:

> Spacious
> Nourished
> Joy
> Gratitude
> Present

These feel really yummy for me and resonate deep within my core. But the best thing about these core desired feelings is the fact that they inspire the shit out of me. I feel like I stumbled across the gold mine. All is revealed. I am inspired.

Find the word, the picture, the dose of inspiration. Let it move you and get you excited to the point that you squeal a wee bit every time you think about it or experience in.

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