Tuesday, June 2, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Day 58: Grey Force

The sunshine has been hiding today. And I kind of like it.

We have been so lucky here in the PNW with long stretches of great weather. Eat on the deck outside at lunch kind of weather, beer-thirty kind of weather, get your peppers and tomatoes in the ground type of weather. Then, being on the east coast for a week and getting the hot, humid, east coast weather made me feel like summer was in my blood and bones.

And now, as I sit here and write, the fog is rolling up to the tops of the trees, the sky is painted with big, grey brush strokes, and it's damp and a little chilly. Jeans and hoodie weather.

I call it the "Grey Force," the weather that forces you to curl up, stay in, get some inside stuff done, and rest. Tune into the introvert, the reflector, the contemplative side of life. Clean things up, purge a closet, an inbox, a drawer, or cabinet. Put on some good jazz, get a good glass of wine on the table, and breathe.

For me, the summer season can be emotionally challenging. It's the height of the energetic pull of the seasons, full of life, blooming, and outward energy. Lots of things pull us; social commitments, yard work, weddings, babies, and friends. Meals al fresco, happy hours, and fire pit gatherings into the night. Mix all of this with a full work schedule, exercise, cooking, and spiritual practice, and you can feel as though life is at the level of almost overflow.

Use the grey days as a reminder to really pause, tune in, listen to what's there in the space. Use the time to create more space. It's there, just listen. Be in it. Roll your shoulders up and back, take an inversion or sit on the cushion. Read some great, inspiring words, or better yet, write some.

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