Friday, June 5, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Day 61: Stop Waiting

I have been really enjoying my work schedule as of late. Monday-Thursday are a mix of longer, fuller days of work, sprinkled with a few later nights for programs and events, so Friday turns into a personal day of sorts to catch up on all the life stuff, and then I get to spend time on the weekend winding down, enjoying yoga classes, time in my garden, and nesting at home and these days, it includes working on the wedding.

Anyway, in my errand adventure this afternoon to go and pick out a pen for addressing invitations, I came upon this quote written on a chalkboard-sandwich board outside a coffee shop.

Unfortunately, my phone camera has been wonky, so I couldn't take a pic in the moment, but I tracked it down online of course and have been reflecting on it the rest of today. 

As much as I preach about mindfulness and living in the present, I fall down the rabbit hole of impatience, running and rushing to the next thing, and living with an if/then mentality; "If I get my to do list accomplished, then I can rest," which leaves me, well, I don't have to say how it leaves me. 

This quote was a kick in the butt for me because a lot of life right now is getting little things off the to do list as I prepare for my wedding in August. Mix that with time for friends, life stuff, work, relationship, paperwork and finances, house and garden, and well, things feel full. The challenge is to really soak it all up-this is life. The string of to dos, actions and habits makes up how we live our lives. There is so much good already. I don't have to wait until Friday to soak it all up.

The time is now. 

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Kaitlin Jackson said...

Love this! So needed to hear this today! Your writing really inspires me!