Friday, June 12, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings-Day 67: Love Is Messy

The Man has been sick for over a week now and I have been working long days and later nights. Our house looks like a bulldozer took a detour and the fridge is sparse. The week has been full and messy. And the best part is that love lives here. Love shows up despite the mess, shining through every crack possible. It's there. It will hold you.

When it feels really full like this, I know I can turn to my practices and my self-care, keep things stable for the most part and know that it's all impermanent. All of it.

And so this post is being written after a trip to Urgent Care tonight and the 24 hour pharmacy for The Man who ended up getting an ear infection. It's now 12:46am and love is still messy but it's what you do. It will ease up but it will never be easy. There are always things to work out for the bigger mission of what we're up to in our lives. The big stuff. But in the end, the big stuff always starts and ends with love.

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