Saturday, June 13, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Day 69: When the Body Speaks...

When the body speaks, we don't listen as often as we should.
We ignore, push pass the language of the body and go on with our lives walking in our skin, using up our muscles and bones and cells. Every last drop of them.
And then, one day, we crash. We find out the consequences of not listening to our bodies. We use and abuse ourselves, yet we bash others who abuse themselves or others. What's up with that?
Can we look in the mirror and listen to the heart of our bodies saying, "You are beautiful, strong, soft, and confident. You have everything you need. I got your back,"

We push ourselves past our limits and yes, the body knows limits way more than the brain knows its limits. Just do this one last thing, make this last party, go see this one more thing, make this one phone call. And then all hell breaks loose because we end up dried up and used up, on the side of life somewhere, resentful and pissed off.

What would it be like to listen, like, really, really, really listen? To go deep every now and then. A steam room, a soak in a tub, a yoga class, a hike in the woods. To get down in your body, feel the feet that carry you, day in and day out and tune into the subtleties. What would it be like?

When the body says, "I need more touch," ask for it.
When the body says, "I need a break," find the closest bed or couch and rest those damn legs.
When the body says, "I want to have a night off from social commitments," honor that and curl up with a book or a journal and a cup of tea and be silent for 10 minutes or 10 hours or 10 days.
When the body says, "I need movement," go walking. It doesn't really matter what shoes you are wearing. Go for five minutes or five miles.
When the body says, "This relationship/interaction doesn't feel right," walk away. Your body is the vessel for intuition.
When the body says, "I am feeling run down and on the verge of getting sick," listen to that. The world needs you to show up and be your best for yourself and your life.
When the body says, "I need nourishment and support," get your ass into the kitchen and start chopping vegetables. It's one of the most meditative and nourishing acts to cook your own food.
When the body says, "I am in pain," breathe. Breathe deeply and for long periods. Deep, belly breathing rocks the party.
When the body says, "I need help and support," pull our your contact list and make that call. Don't think about it, just do it.

So, I ask you, when your body talks, are you listening completely and in a way that you are open to showing up differently? I ask you, just listen.

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