Wednesday, June 17, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Day 73: Run Towards the Light

Solstice is a very powerful time. It's the height of the seasons, the longest day of the year, and the sun, oh the sun, it does its thing so damn well. Bask in the glory of this day. Really bask in it. Allow the sun to soak into your pores and your skin, let the longest day of the year serve you from the inside out. Bask in gratitude, joy and presence. Because we all need more of that. Let the worries melt off your mind and the to dos burn up under the rays. It's the longest day for us. Don't let it slip through your fingers like sand in a child's hand. You have constant light. It lives in your heartspace. Close your eyes and tune into that space behind your heart. Deep within the dimensions of your heartbeat. There is space there to be filled with light only. There is a sign, "Only Light Can Enter Here," and let nothing else in. Run towards it. In your mind, as you sit, basking under the warmth. This is the peak. The peak of all of it. Gather it all up, like making a snowball full of light- a lightball, if you will. Gather it all up, pack it away in your bag of tricks and magic, because you will need it. If not now, save it for later, when the darkness comes. Don't worry though, the darkness serves us too. The light told me that. Contrast fascinates me. We can't have distinction without contrast, friend. So sit under the light...and the dark. They serve us immensely. One with another, not without.

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