Thursday, June 25, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Day 81: Thursdays

Thursdays are my new favorite day. It's the day before the real wind down takes place.
There is always a lot of good energy surrounding life and work and love.
Thursdays are for sunsets and wine on the deck.
For sleeping in because you did your workouts the past three days.
For a good cup of coffee and time at your desk alone for work projects before the day ramps up.
For commutes home, knowing that it's your last for the week, since Fridays are for telecommuting.
For a date night in the market, breaking bread with loved ones over glasses of rose.
For a bouquet of market flowers, grabbed right before the farmer packed up to head home.
For barefeet and sundresses, taking time to be in the garden under the twilight.
For callused hands and feet from spending time in the dirt and in your garden clogs.
For catching up with friends and family on the phone before weekend adventures pull us away.
For celebrations, and hugs, and deep breaths.
For yoga poses and reading.
For planning golden time together.
For living the good life and the sweet life.
Thursdays are for love all over.

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