Friday, June 26, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Day 82: Hot

It's hot. Heat has a way of slowing everything down. It just does. I notice myself just a tad more agitated, the need and desire to be lazy, and still forgetting to drink enough water. It brings me right back to the third leg of my trip in India. It was so stinkin' hot, right from the moment we woke up until we went to bed at night. Three bucket showers a day just started to bring relief. Here in the states, I get to wear shorts and tank tops and feel as though I can breathe clean air. I guess the heat here makes me grateful in a sense. Grateful that I have access to clean drinking water at any moment, that I can wear the clothes I want, and take deep breaths of clean air.

So although I have been talking about how much I have been dreading the heat here in the Pacific Northwest for the past week, I can think back to my trip and realize that I am oh so comfortable and smile. I can smile because of the freedom the heat here brings with it.

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