Friday, July 3, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Day 89: Summer Love: A Few of My Favorite Summer Photos

Okay, let's be completely honest. The summer has totally rocked. I have been having so much fun. It's been full at times, but oh so lovely. I thought I would share a few of my favorite captured moments as step into the last 10 days of the 100 day project. I hope you are having a lovely summer and getting lots of time outside and with your loved ones to celebrate the sun, the warmth, and the blooming happening all around.

The summer started with a lovely trip to the East Coast to kickoff our wedding celebrations. Lots of good food, laughter, and love all around. We pack light and I absolutely swear by my Dakine pack and my Burton roller. Essentials. Oh yes, and Chaco sandals. 
Our favorite little fish market in Maine. I love this old time signage and of course, I love lobsters. Essential and delicious! 
Summer days = hot evenings = cool salads and chilled white wine. Simple, refreshing, nourishing, and easy. All my favorite elements of dinner. 
Greenwood Car Show. Loved this little beauty. It's a dream of mine to have a VW van/bus. I want to road trip every summer to Maine and back in the fall. It will happen. It will happen....
Float Tank appointment. As an introvert, I need time away from life, sound, noise, and other humans. City living takes its toll sometimes and I have been dipping my toes into sensory deprivation experiences. It keeps my mind and heart nice and light. And resilient. 
Sunset viewing from the deck. The light is always different, which is totally fascinating to me. I sit out there a lot of the summer. We eat our meals, prep our gardening days, and read...lots of summer reading happens here. 
Frosty beers on Thursday nights. Date night. Oh yes, and Saturdays and Sundays too. Frosty beers all around.  So much joy packed into this little jar. 
An early summer photo taken at the Seattle Tilth Edible plant sale. Herbs, peppers, flowers and an apple turnover. My favorite kind of morning. All my peppers and herbs are blooming and delicious right now because of the early heat wave. 
I took this photo at Kerry Park on my 8th anniversary of living in Seattle. I had never been before (huge tourist trap), but I thought it was fitting to capture the beautiful city that I live in and totally love.
Saw this lovely poster at a work event. Laughter. It's what summer is all about for me. I have so many good memories of running on the beaches of Maine totally unabashed, living in the present and sinking into laughter and love. 
Grateful for the lovely woods by my house. A walk in the woods keeps me cool on the hot days and I love taking my camera and capturing the beautiful contrast of light and dark. When I am in the woods, I feel completely held and nourished and supported by this earth we live on. 
Luipnes! A total Maine flower. One of my favorites. It's the first time I grew them this year and they were stunning. 

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