Saturday, July 4, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Day 90: What My Garden Teaches Me

Even though it was a holiday weekend, I spent a good chunk of my Saturday in my garden. I know, I know...I worked on the holiday in the dirt. It was so hot but it felt so good to spend time outside in the sun. When I am in my garden, I lose myself. I become so engrossed in the present moment (a very rare occasion), that I lose sense of time and I literally turn myself over to mother nature. As I was building some new soil mixtures into larger pots for additional summer edibles, my mind went to the place of receiving. My garden gives me so many lessons, both big and small, that I seldom take the time to articulate, so I thought I would take the time and capture just a few.

Like my life, my garden is always in process. There will never be an end point. There is always something to do, to work on. Like life. I walk outside and am so content yet I know I can always give a few minutes, hours, and days here and there to make adjustments, move things around, compost the old, etc. When I first started gardening, I had this fantasy in my head that there would be this end point, that everything would be "done." It's not the case. Ever. 

Like my garden, my life follows cycles and rhythms. It wasn't until I started gardening that I really tuned into the cycles and seasonality of life. Everything has a season. Sometimes, things are in full bloom, bursting with energy and are full of color and beauty, other times things are heavy, damp, and in hibernation, turning inward for rest and recovery. I can usually feel what my garden feels and I now honor that instead of fighting it. 

I just have to start digging. I can attend all the seminars I want, buy all the fancy tools and organic soil amendment, get the most beautiful pots and flowers, but it means nothing if I don't get my shorts and t-shirt on, put on my gloves, kneel down, and start digging. If I want results, I have to put in the work. Nike said it best...just do it.

It's way easier working in a team. Out of all the time The Man and I spend together, my favorite times are the two of us working in the garden. I cherish that time the most. We have some of our best conversations while digging in the dirt and we play to each other's strengths. I used to think i would be a solo flyer, never wanting to get married, and now, here I am, so deeply content with my partner in life and my partner in the garden. The support he provides me out there directly translates to the support he gives me in every area of my life. 

So that's it. My four favorite lessons my garden has given me. 

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