Sunday, July 5, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Day 91: The Moving Truck

Like most Sundays, I don't set an alarm. It's the one day of the week that I have set aside total flow time...get up when I want, eat when I want, shower when I want, chores when I want, etc. It has taken me so many years to arrive at this place of total grace in my weekends. I call them my scared Sundays because it's so open and spacious and it really allows me to restore and reflect before the week begins. I love operating from a powerful place of choice as well. I get to choose how I spend my time and if that means I am sleeping until 9am and reading in bed until 11am, so be it.

As I was making brunch for The Man and myself, I looked across the street and saw a U-Haul. Two people, most likely the parents of the individual who was moving, were loading comforters, side tables, an office chair, and baskets and containers into the U-Haul. I took a deep breath as I leaned on the counter and thought about my own moving experiences. There have quite a bit of moves. Big ones too.

My move to Colorado after I graduated high school left me with my mountain bike, and my backpack which I used to transport my bedding back up to my dorm from the UPS store. Then, when I moved off campus and lived with my partner at the time, that was a big step in my life. Two years later, I moved into my own apartment on campus, craving a deep sense of independence and solitude. Then, off to Seattle where I had no firm living situation, but lived out of my office for a couple weeks until I found a space. Then there was the moving into an apartment with my partner (same one I lived with in Colorado), and then we moved into a bigger place a year later. Then out on my own after we split, and then into my current place, with The Man.

Thinking through all of that leaves me a little out of breath. Even though I was young, life felt a little transient. Apartment leases in megaplexes do that to you. The other thing that remains true is that like anything in life, there are cycles. We move in and we move out...of spaces, places, jobs, love, friendships, passions, and interactions. It's all part of the deal in having this human experience.

In my environmental studies class in college, we talked a lot about having a sense of place. As I looked across the street at the U-Haul, I was overcome with the sense of home I feel here in my own space and Seattle. A lot of people have asked me why I am not getting married in Maine, my home state, and I can confidently say that Maine is absolutely beautiful and I got so much out of my childhood and young adulthood there. It's a magical place to visit and I am grateful to be able to go and visit.

Yet, my home is here, in Seattle, in our little abode.

Home is where I walk 10 steps and get to my living room or deck and sit and look outside at my garden. Home is where I can get to my yoga class in 8 minutes. Home is having my tribe surround me and share in bottles of good wine and snacks on a summer night. I breathe easy here. I fell in love with The Man of my dreams here. I have work that totally lights me up here.

So, my little wish to the person moving this morning: May your next space and place totally light you up from the inside out and keep you warm and loving. May you settle in and breathe easier. May your tribe be a moments notice away. May you enjoy your new sense of place. May it feel like home.

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