Monday, July 6, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Day 92: Wishes & Dreams

I wish for lazy days and long brunches with friends.
I dream of a simple life where clutter has no space.
I wish to learn how to drive a motorcycle.
I dream of traveling to exotic locations for three month sabbaticals.
I wish to spend more of my life telling the people around me how grateful I am for them.
I dream of a whole month where I never have to set my alarm.
I wish for spaciousness in all areas of my life.
I dream of eating junk cereal for breakfast.
I wish for campouts and fort building in my living room.
I dream of days where all I do is read in bed.
I wish for coastal hiking trips with beach campfires and chips, salsa, and beer.
I dream of a day where all people find work that they absolutely love.
I wish for soft hearts and open minds.
I dream of a day where everyone has a home to go to on the coldest nights.
I wish that everyone feels welcome in any place of worship.
I dream of the kind of time that stands still.
I wish that kindness was the universal religion.
I dream of communities that are built from small businesses and deep connections.
I wish for fancy drinks out of wine glasses.
I dream of listening more than I speak.
I wish for quiet time to be regularly built into my life.
I dream of beauty in my spaces.

It's imperative to pen our wishes and dreams. It helps us see beyond our day to day, to think and imagine bigger things and to help us hone into our values and align our actions to what is important to us. Take some time, pen them out, and see what small action you can take today to make something in your life happen. I challenge us all.

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