Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#100daysofjensmusings- Day 94: To Friendship

We had dinner with friends tonight and I reveled in the fact of how good it feels to share in meal and drink with the people you love. I have a lot of nostalgia around sharing meals around the table. Growing up Italian, it's a huge part of culture- food and talking and sharing. It's just what you do. Long, extended meals with people having lots of conversations about lots of different things is what makes it so juicy and dynamic. The wine flows and the smiles and laughter increase. It's not's passion expressed out of the vocal cords.

You will be interrupted, you will get sidetracked, and people will question you. It's the table where anything goes. One plate, many forks, because sharing feels so much better than hoarding it yourself. Manners have a place, but let's not get super stressed about it. talk with your hands. It relieves stress when you look as though you are flailing about. I promise you.

Lean in, look into the other person's eyes...connect with them. After all, they are your lifeline. Here and now in this life.

When the bread is broken, you never have to say it because you all know. You know that you are surrounded by your people. Your tribe that you have traveled around the world to find. You clink glasses in a toast. To friendship. The most priceless, valuable thing to have in your life.

You look over at your partner from across the table and he is laughing his laugh. He hasn't laughed like that in awhile. It's the medicine, right? This moment is so soothing in so many ways. Put life on hold, just for a bit, it belongs on the shelf tonight. Rip up the to do list and surrender. Walk away from the desk, because tonight, tonight is the night to toast and share with friends this thing so, so, so good.

To friendship.

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