Saturday, October 17, 2015

On When It's Over

Sunset Fishing in Corolla (Outer Banks), NC
We just returned from a nine day trip to North Carolina to attend my brother's wedding & military graduation ceremony. It was a week + of time spent with family, eating delicious food, exploring the Outer Banks, hanging out on the beach with a book, and morning coffee on the deck. We got back to Seattle late last night and took public transit home. We dumped our bags, unpacked a few things, washed up, and hit the hay. 

At 7am, I was wide awake, of course, being on East Coast time. While we were away, the days obviously became shorter. It was dark out and quiet. My favorite time of the day. I took advantage of rising early and hit up a 7:30am yoga class down the street. I arrived, unrolled my mat in my usual spot, grabbed my props and settled in for practice. Man, oh man, how I have missed my Saturday morning practice at the studio. It's become my version of church. As I opened up my heart, shook a bit in crescent lunge, twisted out the stagnation and toxins from a long travel day, I started reflecting on the downshift I am entering. 

My brother and I got married seven weeks apart. It was a big summer/early fall of traveling, preparations, and celebration. The past 10 months have proved to be full of good energy, lots of in and out, pushing through getting the to do list crossed off so we could party hard. There was so much good. So much to honor. So much love, dancing, sugar, and caffeine. Things went on the back burner, of course. Paperwork, meditation practice, writing, cleaning the bathroom. 

So now, here I am, back in my writing nook, reflecting on what life will be like now that it's all over. The thing that I remember to come back to the most is the fact that life is composed of all of these moments. They are simply fleeting. One after another. Training to be mindful and present is a huge challenge and it has been for the past year and a bit. When you live on a high for so long, the crash can come suddenly and feel, well, depressing. 

After our wedding and after everyone had left Seattle, The Man and I went through a big let down. Similar to that of letting the air out of a balloon. You feel expanded and full for so long and the coming down was a shock for us. I am experiencing a little bit of the same thing today. While settling into my savasana after 75 minutes of work on my mat, the word surrender came to mind. Also, this idea of being vs. doing. How can I embrace fluidity in life, now that big events have come and passed? I did some writing about this a couple nights ago as our trip came to a close:

Getting Back to Basics. Sleeping more and regularly, increasing my consumption of fresh foods and water, and also continuing my morning workouts. Sweat is my therapy.

Ground, baby, ground. Making time for my yoga mat and meditation cushion and integrating a pranayama practice for the fall season helps to ground the vata/air energy in this season. 

Simplify. I am ready to start doing a serious purge. The next three months will include some big projects, especially around my closet and clothing, my home office, our kitchen, and my bathroom. In addition, looking at making other areas of my life more simple; my commute, my meals, my wardrobe, and time for my hobbies. 

Prioritizing. I am back in school, so I need to be intentional about my time and where it goes. I want to be home more, cooking delicious meals and baking, as well as resting and focusing on my school work. My calendar will be having more white space and downtime. Naps are also going to be included in my weekends. 

So, with all that said, when it's over, whatever "it" is, I like to embrace more being. It's integral to our nervous system and our heartspace. It also allows us to nourish our relationships and ourselves in the best way possible. 

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