Saturday, April 15, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 12- saturday yoga

Saturday mornings have always been carved out for taking my weekly yoga class. I try to get to a studio class during the work week, but I quite frequently don't make it, unless I get to a early morning class. Forget the after work fiasco and stress. I tried that for a while and my nervous system said, "Oh nay nay." So, Saturdays at 9am is it. Sometimes I go to the 7:30am if we have plans for the rest of the day, but for the most part it's part of the weekend plan. I wake up while The Man soundly sleeps, I make tea and sit at my desk and make my weekend wish list, including both work and play into the mix. I then slip into yoga pants, tank, socks and a hoodie and head to the studio. The morning air quiet and cool. The birds singing. There is a quietness in the atmosphere. I try to get there early so I can get my back corner spot near the wall. I unroll my mat, grab my props, and sink in.

I sink in deep. 

I release the stress and worries of the past week. I connect with my body. I get really curious about my breath and my heart. It's one of the most sacred times of my week. 

This morning I went to a Level II flow class, a class I seldom frequent. Vinyasa yoga used to be my practice for so long. I craved the sweat, the music, the community. The challenging poses like side plank, reverse half-moon, headstand, and pigeon. I transitioned away and found more nourishing and supportive practices for my health challenges and mental space but every so often, I need to get my sweat on and this morning was it. It was a bit like riding a bicycle. My body didn't forget. I surprised myself at times, grabbing my ankles while on my belly and bringing my heart forward into bow pose. Having no qualms about turning upside down into headstand. I was aware that my left ankle, despite being about 10 weeks post surgery, felt strong & stable. I noticed a calming in my brain. I felt like I was home.

And so I drove home, made my eggs and tea, and felt like a new person, a new soul, like I was connected to my body and soul again. It was then I realized that's why Saturday yoga matters. 

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