Wednesday, April 19, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 16- home practice

I never thought of myself as much of a homebody. I always thought of my home as a base camp, a place to stage my next adventure, my next outing. It wasn't until I got Lyme disease a few years ago in which I was literally home-bound at times due to the agony, fatigue, and paint, that I realized what a treat it is to be at home. I learned that my home is a healing container, a place for respite, a safe space to process all my feelings and experiences, a place of retreat and quiet. As an introvert, this is so integral to my well-being and my overall happiness.

Take tonight.

I spent a good chunk of time in my car traveling south for a meeting and then making my way north. It had been a long day, and my back and neck were not liking my being in the car. It was a bit late when I pulled in the driveway, so gardening was out of the question. It was overcast and I was just feeling the overall blah. I walked inside, unpacked my bag & lunch pail, and changed into some yoga clothes. I plugged in my iPod and unrolled my yoga mat in the living room, lit a candle, and gave myself a gift of a 40 minute home yoga practice. It totally was the remedy I needed.

For me, home is truly where the heart is. It's where we can restore ourselves, engage in daily practice of meal prep, cleaning, folding laundry, reading in bed, journaling, sipping hot tea, and conversing with a loved one. It is such a sacred container and must be treated with the utmost care and responsibility. I am so incredibly grateful for my home, no matter how tiny it is. I am grateful for all the super cozy nooks and spaces we have, a great kitchen to cook in, and outside space that is both nourishing and fun. 

Take a moment to reflect on what makes your home your home. What about it is nourishing, supportive and safe? It is in these questions that we can find our own sources of contentment, ease, and grace in a very hectic world. 

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