Sunday, April 30, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 27- sundays

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For me growing up, Sundays were all about family time. Being raised Catholic, I used to go to church and Sunday School when I was little, and then soccer games replaced that, but we always had a family meal on Sundays. It was a big deal to gather at the table before the start of the week. Sundays have a special place in my heart, mainly because I used to book myself solid, starting the week completely depleted. Now, Sundays are dedicated to white calendar space, doing what feels good, and nourishing and renewing my space, which includes home cooked meals, opening a bottle of wine during an early dinner, and getting to spend lots of time outside and curled up with my book before an early bedtime.

Here's what I love about Sundays...
...not setting an alarm
...maybe a workout with the man brunch at home tea
...making soup, a quiche, a sauce, or another batch recipe for the week
...inviting someone over to dinner impromptu
...spending time outside in the garden and getting my hands in the dirt
...talking with my parents on the East Coast
...folding clothes and getting things in order for the week
...spending time with my book or my journal
...writing sweet notes & snail mail to friends
...taking it easy
...slowing down
...playing the Etta James Pandora station while I do the dishes with hot, soapy water
...clearing the surfaces of our common spaces
...changing the sheets
...sweeping the floors
...starting anew

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