Thursday, April 6, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 3- garden life

I started getting serious about gardening about five years ago. As a birthday present, my lovely mum-in-law drew plans for a raised bed in collaboration with The Man who took on building them, with my enthusiastic support of course. I slowly started learning, experimenting, and understanding my new hobby. Veggies and flowers, more veggies, more flowers. An herb garden. Pots & containers. Trellis planting. Tow more raised beds just for dahlias. More dahlias. Hanging baskets. Garden boxes. As my passion for gardening grew, of course the work and the maintenance grew with it. But here's the thing. I abso-friggin-lutely love it. On nice days, I itch to spend time out in the dirt, whether it be planting, weeding, cleaning up, or just walking around and observing. It's an extension of my mindfulness practice.  

When the clocks spring froward in March, that's our cue.  At least once a week, we go into work super duper early and leave early-ish to get home, put on our digging clothes, and work side by side with each other tending to our outdoor space. Sometimes we banter and talk, other times we are silent, working on a project together or on separate projects. We get in about 3-4 hours worth of work and then we grab dinner out, come home and crash, usually by 10pm. 

This time is so incredibly precious and nourishing and lovely and rich. It reminds me about alignment and priorities. It reminds me that spending time with someone you love doing this work is symbolic of so, so, so much. Patience, non-attachment, love, gratitude, and hard work. It takes work to maintain our outdoor space and everything we love takes some work, even just a little bit and I don't mean work in the sense of nose to the grindstone, rather, I mean intentionality. That we bring ourselves fully to whatever the cause/hobby/relationship/livelihood is. And that is truly a beautiful thing. 

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