Monday, April 10, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 7- intentions

On Monday nights from 6-6:50pm, I teach a Gentle Yoga class in South Seattle. I have been teaching the same class for almost three years. Teaching yoga is my own holy elixir, bringing me tons of joy, gratitude, and challenge. I have developed such great relationships with my students and teaching always proves to be the learning ground for so much inner work. Tonight, I brought up the idea of holding intention. We went around the room, each student saying their name and what brought them to yoga. I was beyond touched, moved, and inspired by each and every one of their responses. To name a few:

"I am a better person when I come."
"Stress & pain relief."
"I want better connection between my mind and body."

As I drove home, of course I reflected on my class and about my own teaching. What are my intentions? What am I out to create in my life, my relationships, my work?

...spending more time outside than inside
...weekends devoted to yoga, gardening, and hiking ending with a big bowl of soup
...more time in the kitchen cooking
...expanding our family with a puppy (soon!)
...continuing to enjoy big gaps of white space in the calendar
...early morning yoga classes during the work week
...more delegation and trusting others
...intentional one-on-one time with friends
...laughter & walks
...nights in with tea and good movies
...walking in the world with more grace, gratitude, love, and ease

As I told my students, it's not about whether the intention comes true or not. It is about holding the intention in our heart space, as that is the most sacred place to hold it. It is then, only then that our intention can be brought into the world and held delicately by the universe.

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